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Forgot Your Smartphone Password? Here's The Way Without Having to Factory Reset!

Forgot Password

For some people locking the phone is a must, the point is that the data on your handphone is safe from the hands of ignorant who try to open and find out your secrecy. And not only that, another point to lock your Mobile is in an effort to protect from theft by irresponsible person.

But the security model by locking the phone is also prone to forgetful owners, especially when creating a combination of passwords are quite complicated can make a cold sweat if it's forgotten how to open it.

So what if you forget and have tried many times, but the password that should right even make your phone is blocked from the system. In this article Tips Today will be discussed how to make your handphone can be opened without Factory Reset.

1. Android Device Manager

Download Android Device Manager
Use Android Device Manager
You can use the browser on your android's friends or family, and do not forget to sign in to the same Google account with a smartphone that is already connected to the internet.

Once Android Device Manager Link opens you will see 3 options like ring, lock or delete, in this option you just select Lock / Lock and then press the refresh button many times.

After pressing the lock button you are prompted to enter a new password to replace the old password, then after the new password you have entered then press the Lock button, after all done properly should your smartphone can be re-open using the new password earlier.

2. Use Forgot Pattern Features

Forgot Your Smartphone Password
Forgot Pattern Features
One of the alternative features that you can use, this feature only runs on android 4.4 kitkat system and its equivalent, at this stage you will usually get 2 options that answer security questions or log in with your google account.

3. Use Samsung Find My Mobile

Samsung Find My Phone
Samsung Find My Mobile
From its name only, you already know the usefulness of this feature but you can only use via Samsung smartphone only, then Search My Mobile in your browser and log in, then you select Lock my screen in the left panel after that follow command by entering new password and Lock.

4. Use Safe Mode

Forgot Your Smartphone Password
Android Safe Mode
This system is a way to reboot your smartphone using the safe mode feature, after successfully entering this feature the next step is to uninstall the application, then you can reboot it.

5. Use ADB to Remove Password

ADB to Remove Password
This way you can do if your smartphone has been connected to the PC, then by using ADB which is connected to the data cable to open a command prompt window and type the command:

"ADB shell rm /data/system/gesture.key" after doing that the next step is to reboot your smartphone, remember, this procedure is only temporary, so make sure you have changed the new password to open it later.

See More Tips Today:

Here's how you should try to overcome a locked Smartphone because of forgotten passwords, in various experiences, the above method is a fairly accurate way of opening and resolving your troubled smartphone.

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