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Best 6 Software For Video Editing With Price Below $100

Cheap Video Editing Software

Do you like watching videos on Youtube? such as vlogs from leading YouTubers and their travel vlogs, gaming videos, cover songs, or some short films with great effects, perfect lighting, and beautiful coloring.

Have you ever wondered how could they make a video so beautiful and so nice to watch?

Surely behind their videos it all, they use sophisticated computers and professional software with high prices with a price range of $100 and above.

But do not worry for you who want to learn video editor, now you can buy the software under $100 and will fit your budget.

This time TIPS TODAY will discuss 6 Best Software For Video Editing with a price below $100.

6. VideoPad

Cheap Video Editing Software
Rating: 6.5 / 10

Software from NCHSoftware is an easy-to-use and perfect video for you to upload directly to YouTube!

The use of this video is quite simple and uncomplicated, and very suitable for beginners, in this Software, there is a feature that will give you a choice of social media which will you choose to Upload.

So surely you do not need to bother to think about how the right video size for each social media, VideoPad also provides setting resolutions ranging from 480p to 4K for YouTube.

PRICE: Free (For Non-Commercial use.)

Click Here to Download

5. Corel VideoStudio Ultime X10

Cheap Video Editing Software
Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10

Rating: 8 / 10

Corel VideoStudio is a perfect video editing software for beginners, very easy to use and easy to understand so it does not make it difficult for beginners who want to learn to make a simple video.

Features of Corel VideoStudio is also a lot that is suitable for developing beginner creativity, including:
  • Mask Creator - Create and fine-tune your mask with powerful tools and apply popular effects to accent the masked object or the background for a truly unique effect.
  • Time Remapping - Evoke drama by playing with speed. Add slow motion or high-speed effects, freeze the action, or reverse and replay scenes.
  • Track Transparency - Let the best moments of your videos shine through and easily adjust the opacity of your tracks to show multiple clips at once.
  • 360 Degree Video Support - Show your best angle and convert your 360 Degree video to standard video for playback on TVs and standard video players.
  • Effects, Exclusive to Ultimate - Enjoy 14 bonus effect collections loaded with effects from industry leaders NewBlue, Boris Graffiti and ProDAD. Includes 3 new effect packs.
So this video editing software is highly recommended for beginners who want to learn, develop creativity, and much more.

Price Range: $$ (Discount 25%)

4. Apple iMovie 10.1.4

Cheap Video Editing Software
Apple iMovie
Rating: 8 / 10

Apple iMovie is a free video editor app that is special for Mac users, it is also quite easy for novice editors. With features combining theme and trailer combinations, great special effects, as well as a friendly interface for its users.

The additional feature of this video editor software is that you can create videos with 4K and 60 FPS results.

Price Range: FREE

3. HitFilm 4 Express

Cheap Video Editing Software
HitFilm 4 Express
Rating: 7.5 / 10

Free HitFilm 4 Express software has a unique yet attractive interface and many powerful features though built to accommodate everything from low-end consumer laptops to pro-level machines.

Its new wave of indie sensibility is targeting users and enthusiasts with cross-platform editing and editing capabilities, 2D and 3D effects, speed control, tracking options, audio tools and instructional video warehouses.

But keep in mind, there are still additional features for this software that will support the quality of this video with a cheap price.


2. Cyberlink Powerdirector 15 Ultra

Cheap Video Editing Software
Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 Ultra
Rating: 9.2 / 10

CyberLink PowerDirector delivers an exciting range of video editing features wrapped in amazing and easy-to-use packages.

This software is suitable in use on the Windows platform and practically PowerDirector is a rival software from iMovie commonly used by Apple products.

Here are some very helpful features for video editors:

  • Easy to use - With a clear and intuitive interface, Power Director make it quick & easy to create pro videos in minutes.
  • Easy to learn - Tutorial videos for both beginners and advanced users are provided on the Cyber Link Learning Center.
  • New features - Power Director now supports end-to-end 360 Degree video editing, and all new video blending feature will bring unique impact to your videos.
  • Leading performance - Render with the world's fastest video engine: True Velocity 6
  • Extreme Toolkit for Sports Video, perfect work with GoPro and other sport cameras - The Action Camera Center brings powered features to your videos.
Highly recommended for Windows users.

PRICE RANGE: $ (Discount 60%)

1. Adobe Premiere Elements 15

Cheap Video Editing Software
Adobe Premiere Elements 15
Rating: 9.5 / 10

Premiere Elements 15 is video editing software no.1 and most recommended for video editors.

It has sophisticated features, user-friendly interface, many ways to output video, and is very easy and perfect to use from beginner to professional level.

In Premiere Elements 15 this is a lot you can do, from providing spectacular special effects, awesome transitions, audio remixes, and features a pretty good touch-friendly interface in Windows 10.

Premiere Elements 15 is the best and most recommended video editing software from other video editing software, and also unexpectedly the price of Premiere Elements 15 is under $100!

And here are some other powerful features:
  • Organize - Its easier than ever to find videos by the places they were taken, the events they depict, albums, favorites, and more.
  • Edit - Turn rough clips into real movies you'll watch over and over. Easily remove unwanted footage, fix color and lighting, and drag and drop to quickly create your movies.
  • Share - Share with friends and family the way that works for you via disc, HDTV, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more.
  • System Requirement Note: Only compatible with 64-bit processors
Highly recommended because Adobe Premiere Elements is a perfect video editing software, both novice to professional users.

PRICE RANGE: $$ (Discount 11%)

That's 6 Video Editing Software Recommendation from TIPS TODAY, you can choose software from the above reference either free or paid.

Keep in mind of course if choosing a paid software certainly we will get more features that are useful to improve the video and look like a professional.

It is strongly advised not to choose pirated software because we will lose the help feature and cannot get additional free content from official software respectively, and of course using pirated software/applications is illegal!

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