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Tips and Trick Increasing Your Social Media

Increasing Your Social Media

Increasing Your Social Media - Not only Celebgram or an account that using OOTD (Outfit of the Day) niche, nowadays people use social media as a platform to grow their business. Start from making ads on the Instagram, making an OOTD account, and send status on the twitter. 

For people who are now growing a business, increasing people's awareness will be one of the major purposes too for the internet marketing. 

Hereby, Tips Today will give you several ways to do Social Media Marketing:

A. Valuable Content

We all know that currently many accounts were made to do the business. Fashion business, foods business, makeup business, and much more.

But, to make your account more interesting. You may make a schedule about your content posting. 

Increasing Your Social Media
How to Design a Cake?
Such as, if you have a fashion business, once in a week make one post about how to mix and match clothes? 

If you have foods business, you may put how to design your cake? 

If you have makeup business, try to have a live streaming on how to put a natural make up like a Korean artist?
Make a content that can give the society some pieces of knowledge and information. Make them think that your account is not only about selling but also profitable for people. 

This method is really good to be implemented. It will make your followers grow instantly not only because of your business. 

B. Communicate With Your Followers

Increasing Your Social Media
Be Friendly With Your Followers
Try to not always see your followers as buyers but also a friend. As a friend of theirs, you need to always communicate with them in many kinds of ways. 

Make one article or content that can make you and the followers communicate each other. 

For example, when you have business about fashion, then make a post which purposely asks them on what kind of clothes you can wear on the first date?

The post that ends with a question mark will stimulate to think and put some comments in your comment box.

Remember, 1 friend means 1 loyal customer.

C. Giveaway

Increasing Your Social Media
Giveaway on Your Social Media
Besides spending their money to shop in the online shop, teenager likes to scroll down their time to find something interesting such as giveaway products. 

As your business grows, don’t forget to give your followers appreciation like giving them a small simple free gift by giving your post comments, tagging other friends, re-uploading, likes, etc. 

This activity in your account might give you a chance to improve your internet traffic or you can say free marketing. 

As your traffic is increasing, giving them 1 or 2 products which cost you 2-5 dollars won’t make you broke. 

D. Post at the Right Time

Increasing Your Social Media
Post Your Content at the Right Time
One of the most important things, when you post your content, is the matter of TIME precision. 
Lunch and before bedtime is when most people open their accounts to see what's happening on their social media. 

Make sure that you can fill their time with your posts or content when they open their account. If you think you are too busy and can not handle all social media schedules. You can try HootSuite.

E. Put a Video on Your Social Media

Upload Your Video to Media Social
Text and picture were a good content for your social media. But, you can’t deny how much people currently spend their time to watch videos? 

Teens and Adults who are 18-34 years old mostly spend their time watching a video. So, this one of your chance to grow your business massively.

You can make a simple video (a good suggestion for you: do not take other people’s video without permission). 

One minute video that shows what products you wanna sell? For example, lipstick. Organized the lipstick well, make the video or test it on your lips or on the hand. 

F. Fun-Facts

Fun - Facts
Post some fun-facts that related to your business. This kind of contents is very popular nowadays among the teenagers. 

Teenagers are curious and thirsty for knowledge. So, some fun-facts maybe fun to read. Example: X actress love to use this shirt every time when she hangs out. 

G. Pay Attention on Your Competitors

Learn Your Competitors
It is undeniable that you are not the only business which exists in the society. You have other competitors that might be better from you. Start to alway watch your competitors activities. 

Try to collect 2 - 6 main competitors for your business and make research about them. Always watch their activities and analyze their content strategy. 

Pay attention to what types of content they always post in their account (comedies, selling, tips and tricks, DIY, etc) and also how they communicate with their followers. 

You need to observe how they engage their followers and how many comments and likes they can get in one post.

This method will motivate you to always creative to increase your followers. 

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