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5 World Myths That People Still Questioning About

World Myths

World Myths That People Still Questioning - Many people interested in mysteries and secret about our world and nature. Some people think it was just a phenomenon nature. 

Therefore, Tips Today will give you some of the world’s mystery that will never be revealed: 

1. Pyramid

World Myths
Giza Pyramid
Most people may only know how big Egyptian pyramids are? How impressive the structure of the pyramid that was made in a long time ago in the Ancient Egypt? 

Its also believe that the pyramids were made as burial sites where the Ancient Egyptian kings and Pharaohs were buried. But in fact, there is a lot more interesting things about the pyramid.

Still remember seven wonders of the Ancient World? Yes, one of them is the Great Pyramid of Giza. This pyramid is one of the oldest of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. 

People may only know only three famous Egyptian pyramids, but in fact, more than 138 pyramids were discovered in the area of Ancient Egypt.

Every time you go there, the tour guide will tell you about the curse from the ancient building. The cursed curse is the reason why no one should enter the Pyramid. 

Some say that the pyramid contains toxic gas. There are also rumors that if you bring a blunt object into the pyramid, it will become sharper. 

A scientist from the Czech Republic tried to make a pyramid on a scale of 1: 1,000 and then put a blunt razor blade into his homemade pyramid. 

Once issued, the razor suddenly became sharp. The scientist can not explain how it can happen.

2. Bermuda Triangle

World Myths That People Still Questioning
Bermuda Triangle
I believe all of you have heard the story about the sea area called Bermuda Triangle. People believe that every thing that passes through this area will mysteriously disappear. 

Lots a number of ships, airplanes were missing in this area. One of the most mysterious stories was in 1950 when some US Navy members were flying by flight 19. 

Last word the flight captain reported said “We got into the water, it’s like something have gone wrong. We did not know where we were. The water is green, not white.” Not long after that, flight 19 lost inhabited in Bermuda Triangle.

3. The Belmez Face

Belmez's Faces
There is a city in Spain called Belmez de L'Amour Aleida with a population of less than 2,000 in 1971. A very strange phenomenon occurs but some people are still debating it to this day.

This phenomenon is known as Belmez Face. There is one resident there named Mary. There was a weird stain on the kitchen floor. The next day, the stain suddenly becomes dark and becomes the shape of a man's face.

Maria tried to scrub the face but it won't go away. No matter what she tried. So, her husband decided to use a pickaxe to get rid of that part of the floor and lay down new concretes in this place. Strangely enough one week later the face returned. 

Word spread throughout the town about this and a lot of people stopped by to check it out. Before Maria was able to destroy the face on the floor for the second time.

The mayor of the town had that piece of concrete removed from the floor so it could be studied further. The research was done and it was discovered that the house was built on a site that used to be a cemetery. 

After people dug about 90 feet below the house they found skeletons somewhat disconnected heads underneath the house. 

The skeletons were removed and given a proper burial. After that, the floor is replaced again now long after this new faces appeared on the floor again. This was a third time that a face appeared on the floor.

Paranormal researchers a German parapsychologists names Dr. Hans called the Belmez’s faces the most important paranormal occurrence of the 20th century. All that said this was definitely a really strange occurrence.

4. Yeti

World Myths That People Still Questioning
You maybe never believe that Yeti exists. Most people believe that Yeti is only a creature of myth, the monstrous beast that shapes into the society folklore or tales. 

Most of us, the Yeti is a good story to be shared when you have a campfire. But, where did all Yeti’s stories were coming from? Have you ever heard about the “The Missing Link?” 

Well, Yeti actually represents a fundamental link between man and what man was. They predicted as our missing link. 

You may or may not believe in the existence of Yeti. The mysteries of the existence of Yeti will always remain unsolved. From the blurry and unclear photographs, the enormous size of footprints to make the fairy tales look real. 

Yet, Yeti still make some historians and many explorers baffled for decades.

5. Atlantis City 

World Myths That People Still Questioning
Atlantis City
We believe all of you have ever heard about Atlantis City. The city that has a good technology but unfortunately the city was drowned. 

Until now, many controversies about this city. Many people said that this city was just an imaginary city. But, many people also said that this city existed, because of Plato, a famous Philosopher that stated about Atlantis City.

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