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10 Things You Should do to Cure Myopia Quickly

How to Cure Myopia Quickly

How to Cure Myopia Quickly - A Short sighted is a condition where you are not able to see the things clearly when it has a quite long distance from your eyes. This condition does not only happen to the elder people, but also the youth. 

Nowadays youths have more risk to get this kind of condition. The cause could be because of the gen, and their bad habit of watching TV and too often using a smartphone. 

Symptoms Of Myopia:

  • Headaches.
  • When the night is coming, your eyes will be a little bit more sensitive. 
  • Blurry sight.

How to Cure Myopia?

Tips Today will give you 10 Tips you must do to cure your myopia.

1. Focus

How to Cure Myopia Quickly
Focus Your Eyes
To do this exercise, you should sit down in the very comfortable place, put your index finger about 10 cm from your nose. Try to focus your eyes on the object far away from your index finger and try to focus on your index finger again without moving your head. 

Repeat this exercise 10 times and your short-sighted may cure. 

2. Eyes Exercise

How to Cure Myopia Quickly
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Some of you maybe feel tired because you sit in front of the computer and starting the computer or phone the whole day. 

If this happens, try to move your right eye to left and try to spin and blinks 100 times per day. This move will help you to clean your eyes. Try to change your sight view

It’s already suggesting that you better not staring at one particular object too long since this thing can cause your eye muscle would be tense. 

For example, when you staring at your computer too long, try to find anything else to stare before you stare at your computer again.

3. Clean Your Eyes

How to Cure Myopia Quickly
Clean Your Eyes
To Clean your eyes, you may try some eye drops products to clean your eyes from bacterias. But, if you don’t want to spend money you also can try to rinse your eyes using a warm water. 

Prepare a bowl of warm water and put your eyes on the bowl. Try to blink a couple of times and feel the warm water into your eyes. This step will help you to clean the dust out from your eyes.

4. Take Off Your Lenses and Glasses Once

Remember to take off your lens when you think your eyes are tired. Eyes will only focus on the center of the lens when u wear the glasses or lens. Try to use your neck to see what’s surrounding you rather than moving your eyes. 

5. Massage Your Eyes

How to Cure Myopia Quickly
How to Massage Your Eyes
Do the light massage around the eyes every morning. This massage will help your eyes little bit relax.

6. Try to Consume More Vitamin A

How to Cure Myopia Quickly
Vitamin A
We all know that Vitamin A, Beta-Carotene, Omega 3, Lutein, Lycopene, and Zink is very useful for our body especially eyes. 

Here are some foods that can restore your eye sights such as Carrots, Salmon, Avocado, Cabbage, Spinach, Eggs, and Oysters.

7. Try to Not Watching TV Too Long

The reflection of light generated from the television contains a very sharp radiation and also the rays of ultraviolet, therefore to reduce your eyes more severe. 

We do suggest you to not watch TV for too long. The rays emitted from the TV can cause damage to the Macula of the eye.

8. Color Therapy

How to Cure Myopia Quickly
Color Therapy
This therapy may help you to treat the short sighted eyes. This therapy can be done anywhere and even in your home. 

Look at one or two color combinations. This therapy aims to make our eyes more focus. After seeing the color combination, massage your eyes carefully.

9. Stare at the Moving Objects

This therapy can also reduce your headaches. Look at the vehicles that keep moving a couple of minutes. This is one of the best ways to exercise your eyes. 

10. Less Sugar Consumption

How to Cure Myopia Quickly
Less Sugar
Besides diabetes symptoms, consuming excess sugar also will risk your eyes. Foods that contain excess sugar may cause short sighted more severe. This will happen because the sugar level not only enters your blood but also become one of the free radicals that damage the macula.

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