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10 Facebook Tips and Tricks in 2017

Facebook Tips and Tricks in 2017

- Starting as a place to share with friends and families back in 2005 - 2006, Facebook in 2017 has evolved into a giant network with more than 1 billion active users. For the internet marketer, Facebook has been the best friend for past few years. 

It can deliver the best result as to increase sales, making engagement with fans, and many others. The problem is, Facebook is always changing, frequently. It is our job to adapt to those changes Facebook thrown at us. It is quite the challenge, but it can be learned. 

Here are 10 Facebook tips and tricks for 2017:

Start Making Videos

Facebook Tips and Tricks for 2017
Facebook Videos
Data shows that video posts in Facebook only accounts 0.9% compared to the other posts. It's a small number, but it also accounts for 7.15% of all reach on Facebook. In 2017, the number is still growing steadily.

If you have not started a video campaign on Facebook now is the right time to do that. Because video post is getting more dominant in social media. Slowly but surely, the number of video upload in Facebook is catching up YouTube.

Start recording today, you can do it even without hiring a professional videographer. You just need a smartphone, good lighting and maybe some goodies from eBay or Amazon. 

Make Captions for Your Video

Facebook Tips and Tricks for 2017
Video's Caption
Do you know that most of the people watching the video on Facebook without sound? So to make your message is delivered to your audience, you need to make captions for every video you make.

You can create the caption by yourself or simply ask other people to do it. The simple way? Hire someone in Fiverr to create the captions for you. For about five bucks, you can get an accurate SRT file that you can input to your Facebook video with a couple of clicks.

Add Call to Action on Your Page

Facebook Tips and Tricks for 2017
Facebook's Call to Action
This is the feature that has to be taken advantage by every internet marketer. By adding call to action button on the top of your page, your fans can get in touch with your business. There are a lot of different call to action available. From "contact us", "visit our page", to "play game".

You can choose any kind of call to action button that suits your business. Don't miss out on some extra website traffic.

Use the Facebook Ad Pixel

Facebook Tips and Tricks for 2017
Facebook Pixel
Facebook pixel provides information about how people using your website across devices, that can help you to make an important decision for your future Facebook advertising campaign. You just need one pixel for your entire website, which makes you able to measure, optimize and build audiences. 

Creating one is simple. In the Ads manager, go to pixel sections. Click "Create a pixel" and pick a name for your pixel. If you work on your website by yourself, you can install the pixel immediately, but if you not, you can send the pixel code via email and ask the person who works on your website to install it.

Experiment with Various Post Styles

Facebook Tips and Tricks for 2017
Facebook Post Style
There are a lot of different posts that you can make on Facebook today, such as the standard post, sharing photos or videos, advertising your business, create an offer, write a note, and starting a live video. Some of the posts are free, some are paid. All you need is simply select one of them which align with the goal of your post.

Analyze Your Data

Facebook Tips and Tricks for 2017
Facebook Data Analyzer
As the page owner, you have to know which post that are successful and which aren't. So you will take a lesson to repeat the successful posts in the future and forget the rest. You can do this by visiting Facebook Insights.

You can see the behavior of your followers from how they are engaging with your posts, such as on what time they visit your page, which one has more likes, comments or shares, and how many people see your post.

Set Up Saved Audience

Facebook Tips and Tricks for 2017
Facebook Audience

If you target a very specific audience, Saved Audience feature is going to be useful to you. You can create custom audiences based on parameters you set earlier. You can do this in Facebook Business Manager. 

This will allow you to target a specific group of people, and make sure your content delivered to the right demographic. You absolutely have to try this feature. It is completely free! As a result, you can see how big is your audience before start paying for ads.


Facebook Tips and Tricks for 2017
Retargeting makes you able to advertise to those who have already visited your website. You only need to install Facebook Pixel tracking on your website and wait for the visitor coming to your site.

This strategy is highly recommended if you own a business and your business has a website. A lot of expert internet marketer said that this is the most profitable forms of online advertising.

Go Mobile

Facebook Tips and Tricks for 2017
Go Mobile
Do not ignore Facebook mobile users. In this year, Facebook is dominating the number of daily and monthly active mobile user by 1.09 billion and 1.66 billion respectively. So it is important that if you want to market your business on Facebook, you should not neglect mobile user.

Please note that when developing ads or material for mobile, you need to optimize your image or video for the mobile audience. Make your main message prominent and delivered as quickly as possible. Mobile users tend to do fast scroll and if your ad can't make them stare at your message for at least one second, you will lose a potential customer.

Increase Your Followers

Facebook Tips and Tricks for 2017
Facebook Followers and Friends

Every Internet marketer who utilizes Facebook wants to increase their followers from time to time. You can do it via ads to gain more followers, but luckily, there is one way you can do it for free!

You can invite the person who liked your posts to like your page. Click the likes button on one of your posts. You will see a pop-up, displaying the contacts and their status as your page's follower or not. Then you can proceed with inviting those who have not follow your page.

Another simple method to increase your followers is by inviting your friends to like your page. This is the classic way to gain followers but still done by a lot of people. Your friends will get a notification when they received your invitation. But please make sure that your page is relevant for your friends or they will say think that you are simply annoying.

That's 10 Facebook Tips and Trick for 2017 that hopefully can help you achieve your goals this year. Do you think we miss something? Or you have another tips and trick that we don't know yet? Please share it in the comment section below!

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