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8 Best Android Browser 2017

TipsToday - Deciding which Android browser is the best is proved to be difficult because everyone has their own criteria. Some say that speed is the key, while others said that the best Android browser is the one that consumes as little data as possible.

In Google Play alone, there are dozens of web browser available for you to download. It doesn't mean that the app that we don't put on this list is bad. But based on user experience, reviews, and ratings the app has in Google Play is one of the key factors for us to make it on this list.

There are a lot of web browser available in Google Play Store per July 2017. But we try to narrow it down to the best Android browser based on their distinctive feature. Without further delay, here are 8 best Android Browser 2017:

Want to save data? Use Opera

Best Android Browser 2017
Opera has several Opera Mini Android browsers and Opera Standard Browser, and both have good quality. With over 50 million downloads from the Google Play Store, this signifies Opera is not a bad browser.

Why do we choose Opera as a browser that can store data? Because Opera has video compression features for storing data, partial ads, and most importantly a dashboard where you can have your favorite news and other favorites stored in your browser, another feature is opera that can create accounts and sync data between smartphone and Desktop version.

this browser also lighten search pages to save your data, therefore you can do more online with Opera!

UC Browser - Total Speed Browser

Best Android Browser 2017

The one and only Android browser in our list that came from China. UC Browser has millions of downloads in Google Play Store stated that its fast browsing speed is no joke. The key to fast browsing experience using UC Browser is data compression. Yes, its interface is not the most beautiful among other Android browsers, but it does its job without any complaints.

By using the same Google or Facebook account you can sync bookmarks and tabs between devices. The browser is absolutely free and it's worth a try. We assure you that you won't come away empty and disappointed!

Firefox - The Best for Customization

Best Android Browser 2017
Firefox is the most reliable Android browser available and successfully offering a very solid performance for its lovers. Its comprehensive list of features makes it the strong contender as the best Android browser. Syncing the mobile version to the desktop version works amazingly. Firefox offers a lot of customization options, such as reorganizing your home panels and act as a host of fully-integrated add-ons.

The array of privacy and sharing options comes with Firefox when you install it in your smartphone. For those who love to read on their smartphone, Firefox provides the reader mode, a clean way of displaying article without any clutter.

Dolphin Browser - For Best Experience

Best Android Browser 2017
Dolphin Browser
We think the best part of Dolphin Browser experience is the support for good-old Flash Player. It means that you won't suffer when visiting older websites because the website can't keep with the current technology.

And among the Android community, perhaps Dolphin Browser is the most favorite of all. It looks amazing, functional, feature-packed, and comes with top-notch gesture control as well. Sharing contents and transferring preferences between devices is also very easy.

Chrome Beta - Much much Better Than the Usual Chrome

Best Android Browser 2017
Chrome Beta
This is not the regular old Chrome for Android. This is the beta version of the Chrome. The better one.

Be the first to get the newest updates from Chrome Beta, before they reach your friends, those who still use the standard Chrome version (lame). Chrome Beta gives you first access to its new features. Even though it encourages you to give feedback about the updates, it's not a requirement. 

Expect some stability issues with Chrome Beta. But since it rarely happens, we still recommend this browser instead of the standard Chrome version.

Link Bubble - The Time Saver Browser

Best Android Browser 2017
Link Bubble
Link Bubble has feature that allow you to proceed with what you are currently doing, such as playing games, rather than wasting time waiting for the web pages to open right in front of you. Interesting, isn't it?

We think Bubble Browser is the browser for the future even though it does not offer a dedicated search function, and feels a bit cheeky. Bubble Browser developed by Chris Lacy and it's known for one key feature: after you tap on a link in an app, Link Bubble Browser will load the page in the background and notify you when the load is complete.

Flyperlink - Great for Multitasking

Best Android Browser 2017
Flyperlink is an excellent choice for you if you switch between apps and web pages quite frequently, or you have quite amount of sites that you frequently refer to.

Flyperlink makes the traditional browser looks outdated. The developer knows that we treated our browser as secondary, a background tool that we refer to quite frequently. Flyperlink able you to open links in floating window that can be minimized easily but stay on the foreground permanently as a small bubble, the one you can tap to expand and open the browser once again.

The app allows you to use the share button in an app and open its content in a floating window. Recently, Flyperlink added Support for Chrome Custom Tabs.

Puffin Web Browser - Best for Speed

Best Android Browser 2017
Puffin Web Browser
Puffin Browser Free is an interesting choice for your standard web browser replacement. It's quick and highly customizable, complete with background and various add-on functions. Puffin Browser Free also has the ability to emulates mouse cursor and a trackpad. It's the correct choice for you who miss your laptop experience on mobile.

The browser works transferring data to its cloud server before delivering it your smartphone. This will reduce the loading time for bigger website files on a device with a smaller bandwidth. This reason makes Puffin Browser the fastest Android browser if only you can stand with the annoying ad banner across the bottom of the screen.

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